1957 And Older

Age of Driver: Age of driver must be of age that will enable them to operate the tractor in a safe and proper manner. Those under 18 years of age MUST have a parent/guardian signed insurance waiver, good for the season, on file with the OSATPA.

This Division is designed for beginning pullers, show tractors and tractors in farmable condition and is used to promote stock pulling. Tractors 1957 and older or production models that started in 1957. Exception: JD 30 Series allowed

General Rules -- See General Rules that apply to all tractors.

Classes: 3500, 4500, 5500, 6500, 7500#

Entry: A tractor cannot be entered in classes below its shipping weight. Division 1 tractors can pull Division 2 if said tractor meets Division 2 rules.

Tires: Uncut-unaltered. 3500# - 145 sq. in., 4500# - 170 sq. in., 5500# and up - 200 sq. in. NO RADIALS. NO DUALS. NO STEEL WHEELS.

Rims and wheels: Tractor must have OEM recommended rims and wheels. Rims must be width specified by tire manufacturer.

RPM: Stock RPM only.

Speed Limit: 2.75 mph -- NO torque -- 1st gear only.

Weights: Front and rear wheel weights. Factory frame weights in factory location. NO suitcase weights.

Engine: Stock block or factory replacement. Naturally aspirated - exception w/GM diesel. Stock head, manifold, carb and their factory replacements. Electronic pickup allowed in distributor. NO MSD. NO square coils, alternator ok.



Hitch material cannot be thinner than ¾” and not thicker than 1.25”. Hitch has to a 3.250” hole with 1” material thickness around the hole or a straight clevis bolted or pinned tightly to the drawbar with a minimum of 3.250” hole. Top of hitch adjuster cannot be above center line of axle or hub. Hitches and drawbars must be stationary in all directions. Hitches or drawbars cannot be moved when pulling down the track.

Safety: Kill switches ARE REQUIRED. Wheelie bars are recommended.  Front wheels are NOT to exceed 16" off the ground. THIS IS AT FLAGMAN'S DISCRETION. If said tractor has wheelie bars - said 16" rule is void.

Appearance: Stock appearing. NO homemade side shields. All guards and covers in place. NO homemade rear end covers. Original seat or aftermarket replacement on factory mountings. NO aluminum. Straight exhaust is allowed

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OSATPA Division 1 Rules